The American Heritage Society is partnering with the Council of Great City Schools -- the only national organization exclusively representing the needs of urban public schools -- to supply free, high quality materials for teaching U.S. History and Government.

Teachers from several member school districts will participate in the pilot program for Fourscore (, including New York, Boston, Chicago, Broward County, Miami, St. Louis, and Atlanta. These teachers will have access to an online resource that includes trusted articles from the award winning American Heritage magazine and engaging primary and secondary documents. Fourscore, which is aligned with the Common Core State Standards and C3 Framework, will reach thousands of inner-city students, preparing them to be college and career ready.

The Society recognizes that today’s educators must prepare their students for the 21st century by integrating technology and innovation in their classrooms, and Fourscore -- which has been created by teachers and for teachers -- encourages educators to engage their students with interesting and compelling online material.

The Council of the Great City Schools is committed to educating all urban school students to the highest academic standards, and Fourscore believes that access to its trusted, rigorous content and resources will help educators fulfill this mission.

The Council is a Federally mandated organization representing the needs of urban public schools. Composed of 67 large city school districts, its mission is to promote urban schools and to advocate for inner-city students through legislation, research and media relations. The organization also provides a network for school districts to discuss common problems, to exchange information, and to collectively address new challenges as they emerge in order to deliver the best possible education for urban youth.

For over 60 years, American Heritage Publishing connected Americans to their shared heritage through exceptional storytelling by trusted historians. These stories celebrate our country’s values, culture and ingenuity. Now, as a recently formed non-partisan, nonprofit organization, American Heritage Society is using these meaningful articles to accomplish our new mission:  to support and advance education, as well as encourage civic engagement. We are developing new content, online communities and resources designed to improve college and career readiness among our nation’s students, while providing professional development opportunities for educators and professionals. Our Articles of Incorporation were filed in the District of Columbia. The 501(c)(3) status of the Society has been effective since September 27, 2011.