The Innovation Gateway will provide information about thousands of great innovations and promote STEM careers with a unique, interactive experience for multiple audiences (primarily students).

We are in discussions with leading foundations and corporations to help fund the Innovation Gateway, an online community that will help develop our nation's future workforce by promoting careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) areas. (But this funding will not be available until mid-2014 -- please consider a donation to help us get it started.)

In creating the Gateway, the Society will:

  1. relaunch Invention & Technology Magazine (at least in digital form),
  2. utilize both new content and 25 years of archives to tell inspiring stories about inventions and technological advances--for students, professionals, and the general public,
  3. create a flexible series of curriculum materials for instructors (both K-12 and college) for use in teaching about the history of technology,
  4. correct common misconceptions about STEM careers, and encourage conversation among the audience, and
  5. offer a centralized website for available student resources such as competitions and scholarships.

Please consider a donation to the Innovation Gateway to help us create this important new tool to inspire the next generation about technology careers.