For over 25 years, Invention & Technology has played a vital role as the only popular magazine in the US about the history of innovation, technology, and engineering.

Our nonprofit Society is acquiring the rights to Invention & Technology -- which suspended publication in 2011 -- from its previous owner, American Heritage Publishing. Please help us rescue this important magazine with a donation.

For 25 years, Invention & Technology has explored and celebrated the inventive spirit of America with evocative stories about the men and women whose ingenious solutions transformed the fabric of our world.  It has taken its readers behind the scenes, tracing the evolution of technology in fields ranging from kitchen gadgets and video games to aerospace and applied physics.

A group of dedicated volunteers has been working to digitize and display the archives of Invention & Technology, which can be viewed at:

The Society plans to relaunch a new digital version as well, and to repurpose the archive of 25 years of articles in a major new STEM education system, the Innovation Gateway.  It is currently seeking major foundation and corporate support to build the Gateway, but we need help to keep the project going in the meantime.

Please help us to rescue Invention & Technology and create this important new resource to encourage young people to pursue STEM careers with a donation to the Innovation Gateway (read more about the Gateway here).