About Our New Education System

"A Remarkable Resource"

"With Heritage Education, Social Studies teachers will be provided robust and wide-ranging historical scholarship as well as primary sources that will enliven their instruction and their students' research... a remarkable resource.”

       –Susan Griffin, Executive Director, National Council for the Social Studies

"Simply Remarkable"

“The Heritage Education project is simply remarkable. I am impressed with the repository of scholarship and the way you are thinking about pushing media to do more in the classroom. Bringing together content experts, teachers, educators, and instructional technologists will ensure the site is of the highest value for users.”

       –Prof. Kathleen Swan, co-director of C3 Framework project, Council of Chief State School Officers

"A 'Godsend' for ELA"
“Finding and integrating high quality non-fiction is a challenge for ELA teachers… This project is a godsend for busy teachers who want to move toward more meaningful texts… The work the American Heritage Society is doing will have a direct and positive impact on classrooms, making resources available to schools that might not have the resources to implement the Common Core on their own.

       –Lyn Cannaday, Nationally Board Certified in ELA and Teaching Fellow with Student Achievement Partners

"Tremendous Potential"
"This project has tremendous potential to have a positive impact on the work of the Common Core State Standards."

       –Dr. Robin Hall, Director of Language Arts and Literacy, Council of the Great City Schools

Recent and Past Comments about American Heritage Magazine

"My family subscribed to this wonderful publication when I was a girl. I vividly remember the special shelf of white hardback volumes and how we eagerly awaited each new. I’m pleased to be a subscriber again and delighted that Edwin Grosvenor is the editor-in-chief.”

       —Laura Bush

“I am delighted to recommend American Heritage to anyone looking for an enjoyable reading and learning experience.”

       —President George H.W. Bush

American Heritage is everything a magazine of popular history should be – elegant, lively, informative, entertaining, and intelligent.”

       —Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.

“I know no other publication that regularly reports so entertainingly on our past and tells so well the story of our wonderful history.”

       —Walter Cronkite

 “A nation’s history is its memory, its identity, the embodiment of its values and its sense of self-worth. A society that knows its heritage has the faith to face its future. I know of no other publication in the world that captures the vitality of a nation’s history as well as American Heritage does.  It is an extraordinary magazine.”

       —Henry A. Kissinger
“I have been a regular reader of American Heritage for what must be close to twenty-five years. It always has something I like, something I did not know before, something I am glad to know about.  I hope it goes on forever.”

       —Barbara Tuchman

“American Heritage is the only magazine I keep. I can’t imagine being without it.”

       —Walter Lord

 “American Heritage is an American treasure. It enriches the present every bit as much as it enlarges and enlivens understanding of our past.  I challenge anyone to read six issues – by God, a single issue! – to see if you don’t find yourself thinking just a bit differently, and a little more, about America.  And all of this without a trace of ideological or partisan purpose.”

       —Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan

 “It deepens our understanding of America’s past, and makes learning about that past a pleasure.”

        —William S. Paley

“American Heritage does a superb job in reminding us of the glorious tradition which is ours…”

        —David Rockefeller

“From every issue I find I learn things well worth knowing.… Nothing is rarer, moreover, than the combination of serious enlightenment and consistent enjoyment.”

        —Joseph Alsop